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 It is very rare for Western writers to trace the origin of an English word directly to Sanskrit, except if it is a word that is linked to New Age beliefs or Yoga. Examples of such words include Chakra, mandala, nirvana, pundit etc.

The Dictionary of Gems and Gemology. (Springer, 2005 (2nd), says on page 879, "Emerald in Sanskrit is called smarakata or marakata. .... The Greek name 'smaragdos' is a corruption of the Sanskrit smarakata. From Greek word smaragdos with the time, language and country derived the term esmerauld, esmaragd and emerald. The alteration from Sanskrit-Iranian (s)marakata-zumurrud to smaragdos-emerald suggests a common origin, because the name and gem have been imported together from Izumrud in Scythian or Bactria." Manutchehr-Danai, M. (Dr. Mohsen).

In the Manx Missecellenis containing The Emerald Vernicle of the Vatican (extracted from The Archaeological Journal, Volume 27, 1870) we find that the author C.W King writes, "Smaragdus, which is itself a corruption of the Sanscrit 'Smarakata', the gem of this name having been imported from Bachtria into Europe by the Traders of that race."

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