Monday, 7 January 2013


'Upa' (उप) is a versatile word and has many meanings in Sanskrit, including 'up, near, at the time, in, on, with and high'. The prefix 'su' ( सु- ) means good, positive or high. For example the combination word 'sapar' (सपर) in Sanskrit means 'high number'. And that leads us to the English 'super'.

'Super' is said to have been derived from the Latin 'super' which means 'above, over, beyond and besides. Exactly as what it means in Sanskrit.

The other derivatives of the Sanskrit 'upa' are upari (उपरि) meaning  'above' or 'upper', 'upam' (उपम) meaning 'uppermost' & 'uppamam' (उपमाम्) meaning 'in the highest degree'.

Latin 'super' appeared as 'hyper' in Greek, and, found its way back into English, this time as 'hyper'! 

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