Monday, 31 December 2012


The English word 'hibernation' originates from the Latin 'hibernationem' which is the action of 'passing the winter' The root word here is 'hibernare' which means 'to pass the winter' which English dictionaries say is related to the PIE 'hiems' which means 'winter'.

But it is Sanskrit that really explains the word and the context. A look at the so called PIE 'hiems'. In Sanskrit - 'himA' (हिमा), 'hemanta (हेमन्त) or 'hiemal' ( हैमल) all mean 'winter'. The base word for all the words is 'hima' (हिम) which means 'snow'.

And of course every one has heard of the 'Himalayas' - literally the 'Abode of Snow'. The 'Himalayas' are also known as 'Himadri' (हिमाद्रि).

In the Vedic context, Goddess Parvati (Daughter of the Himalayas) is also known as 'Hemavati' (हिमवती).

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