Thursday, 12 July 2012


The Sacred Valley of the Incas, located in the Andes Range in Peru, is also known as the Urubamba Valley. Is it possible that Urubamba has a Sanskrit etymological origin. This is quite likely, given the fact that in many traditions the 'b' & 'v' sounds are often used interchangeably. Also as languages distort the 'v' sound often changes to 'b'.

That the Mayan Civilization gets its name from the Sanskrit 'Maya' (माया) is easily recognizable, Urubamba is most likely derived from two Sanskrit words - Uruvi & Amba. 

Urvi (उर्वी) in Sanskrit has many meanings which include 'soil, earth, heaven & earth, wide region, river and earth'. 'Amba' (अम्बा) of course means 'Mother' in Sanskrit.

Urubamba River, Peru
'Mother of the Earth' or 'Mother River' would the be the appropriate translation of the Sanskrit name 'Uruvamba'. Given the fact that in the Incan tradition the Urubamba River is regarded as a sacred river, Mother River sure is an apt name.

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