Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Fausset's Bible dictionary states that in the word Euphrates, the first syllable Eu, is derived from the Sanskrit Su (सु), which denotes 'good'; the second syllable denotes 'abundant'. The Sanskrit word for abundant is 'Purna' (पूर्ण). Hence Euphrates is derived from the Sanskrit 'Su-Purna' (सुपूर्ण) meaning 'Good-Abundance'.Supurna in Sanskrit also means 'well-filled'.

The Babylonians and Assyrians called Euphrates 'Su-Purattu' which can be traced to 'Su-Purna' (सुपूर्ण). 

Edward Pococke, who had a different view, states in his book 'India in Greece' that the name Euphrates is a distortion of 'Su-Bharata' which changed into 'Su-Purattu', hence the Babylonian and Assyrian name. The word 'su' (सु) as mentioned above means 'good' in Sanskrit, 'Bharat' (भरत्) is the name of ancient Indian king after which India was named 'Bharata' (भारत). Bharata is known to have extended his empire into Central Asia right up to the Mediterranean.

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