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The Paracas Trident of Peru, is a geo-glyph in the Andes Mountains and is regarded in the native folklore as the 'Lightening Rod' of God Viracocha, a pre-Incan Civilization God of Peru/Bolivia.

But lets take a look at the name 'Paracas'. A direct translation of its Sanskrit cognate 'Prakash' (प्रकाश्) is 'light', 'lustre', or 'brightness'. Thousands of years back the Trident etched on the mountain shone due to the peculiarity of the mineral composition of the mountain. In ancient times, the shining trident would have been visible from high up in the skies, therefore it sometimes is regarded as a guiding beacon for ancient UFOs or 'vimanas'.

Another, and even closer, cognate of 'Paracas' is the Sanskrit 'parakash' (पराकाश) which means 'distant view', also appropriate for the 'Paracas Trident' is visible from the high skies even to this day, when the lustre of the shining mineral has eroded considerably.

Paracas Trident, Peru
Associated with God Viracocha
In the Vedic and Hindu tradition, the Trident has a prominent place. Lord Shiva wields the Trident (Trishul). Goddess Durga also holds the Trishul, as one of her many weapons. The Trident in Hinduism represents Creation, Maintenance and Destruction. It also represents Time - Past, Present and Future. In the ancient annals of Peru, the Trident of Paracas is associated with God Viracocha.

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